Pop Culture

When I first sat down to start this blog, I thought I’d focus more heavily on current and historical events in the real world. But as time went on, I started writing more and more posts about pop culture. At first, I tried to stay close to themes having to do with Jewish culture–like with this review of In Treatment, or religious topics–like with this review of Caprica. But soon, I moved beyond those restraints and wrote more generally about the movies and television I consume.

I’d like to think that I’m still remaining true to myself, because I don’t watch the tube or the silver screen lightly. At least for the most part, when I blog about a subject, I intend to have something substantial to say. Often I focus on what’s most interesting to me–including the portrayal of women, religion and Judaism in pop culture, and the role of empathy in the stories we tell.

Click below for more of my thoughts on specific franchises, and the critics and pieces that I admire.

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