Organizational links

Below are links to some of my favorite organizations, as well as others that reach out to interfaith families. Please contact me (chavalah AT gmail DOT com) if you’d like something added to the list.

Easily my favorite organization, which offers both tangible resources and first-hand accounts via online magazine on what it’s like to navigatge between two faiths.

Jews in All Hues

Peer-led program for Jews of mixed heritage. Active online and in several communities!

A forum where the Jewish children of interfaith families can network and address obstacles to living Jewishly.

Jewish Book Council’s List of Interfaith Books

Curated list of books pertaining to interfaith families.

In the Mix

Julie Weiner’s monthly column on interfaith life, as published in the New York Jewish Week.

Big Tent Judaism

Formerly the Jewish Outreach Institute; provides resources to reach out to Jews who are left out of the traditional system- including interfaith families.

Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network

Business page of Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill, who performs interfaith marriages.

Jewish Interfaith Weddings

Business page of Rabbi Stuart E. Davis, who also performs interfaith marriages.

Interfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, DC Area

In my backyard, discussing the smilarities between the Jewish and Christian communities.

Interfaith Articles

Aggregated list from Jewish Boston about local-interest interfaith news.


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