January 3, 2017

2016 in review

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Prettiest part of the WordPress stats page. :P

Prettiest part of the WordPress stats page. 😛

The WordPress stats helper monkeys weren’t available to make me a super cool graphic like they have in years past, alas. So I thought that this might be a good year to take a look under the hood myself, and provide ruminations on the past and present/future of Chava’s Footsteps.

First, thank you so much for my 1,470 views and 1,169 visitors in 2016. I know that I run a tiny operation here, but I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

As you can see from the graphic, I’ve had visitors from around the world (including, unlisted, some countries in Africa and South America where just one person has dropped in, but I appreciate his/her contribution to my diversity! :P)

My most popular post, by far, continues to be my 2011 Rumplestiltskin and antisemitism entry. I’ve had mixed feelings about it ever since. First of all, I wrote it in response to the first episode of Once Upon a Time, a show that I still watch, and that obviously means something very different to me now than it did then.

My second reservation is about the click baity nature of it. I went for the dramatic title, and thus it paid off in views. It has also paid off, of course, in the occasional antisemitic comment.

I take pride in tackling issues on this blog with nuance and empathy, I hope. I’m not interested in extremism or taking sides or comment brawls. There’s been times in the past where I’ve definitely chosen a mundane subject line so as to deter this sort of drama. Of course, the flip side is that my numbers remain relatively small.

Unsurprisingly, my most popular entry from 2016 was A Reversal of Fortune: Sansa, Arya and Cersei in Game of Thrones Season Six. It pays to be writing about a popular tv show. 😛 But in fact, Game of Thrones is also my favorite thing on the air right now, and the chance to suss out my analysis once or twice after each season is very cathartic.

So I suppose one of my new year’s resolutions might be to take a little more of a risk. I don’t intend to be incendiary with my content, but perhaps a snappy title here or there might incur new visitors. I put a lot of work into this writing project, so maybe I should try to expand my reach a bit. Thank you, special thank yous, to people who leave likes and comments on my posts; that means a lot to me.

Happy 2017, everyone. I hope that you are renewing yourself in all of your creative endeavors.


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