January 10, 2016

2015: A Look Back at Jewish Italy

Posted in Italy, Judaism at 6:54 pm by chavalah

Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

It’s my fourth year doing this blog post! I’m especially excited to include an update on Rabbi Barbara Aiello; not only is she rare for being a liberal, female rabbi in that country, but she’s particularly interested in revitalizing Judaism in southern Italy, the home region of my (non-Jewish) family.

Going back to my usual sources, I see there’s a lot about food this year. 😛 Also an opinion piece from an American Jew in Rome, and then an article on how the Italian Jewish community sees their own situation. Bookended by incidents of antisemitism, because that’s how history goes this year.

Speaking of history, I also decided to include a few articles that JTA republished from their archives. Gives a rather intriguing portrait of Italy with regards to the Jews…from 1939 to 1960.

So, without further ado!


Jan. 21: #Italian neo-Nazis convicted for racist, anti-Semitic activities
Feb. 16: #Who’s behind Italy’s rising Anti-Semitism?
June 8: *Italian Parmigiano Reggiano Goes Kosher to Grab U.S. Market
Aug. 5: #How Jews Changed Italian Cooking Forever
Aug. 13: *Wearing my kippah in Italy–and feeling fine
Aug. 26: *Italy’s only female rabbi is on a mission to expand the tribe
Aug. 30: *Facing declining numbers and a bad economy, Italian Jews stay upbeat
Nov. 2: #Italian soccer chief: ‘Nothing against’ Jews and gays, just keep them away from me
Dec. 23: #Rome prosecutors investigating list of Italian Jews posted on extremist website

April 23, 1939: #Italian Jew Sentenced for Marrying Greek Jewess Without Special Permit
May 9, 1939: #Dramatic Suicide of Ascoli, Italian Jewish Officer, Related by British Army Man
October 8, 1958: #Israel Government, U.S. Jewry Join in World Grief over Pope’s Death
October 4, 1960: #Participation in Building of Tel Aviv Subway Becomes Issue in Italy


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