January 5, 2015

2014: A Look Back at Jewish Italy

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Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

Continuing in my annual tradition of looking back at Jewish news that came out of Italy in the past year. I picked what I consider to be an eclectic mix about Italian people and situations. Several revolve around culture or altruism, to offset those that deal with antisemitism.

I’ve included links to the stories and dates below; please feel free to add anything I may have missed. I think it’s important, on a macro level, to gain insight into Jewish communities that exist outside of Israel and the United States. Our Tribe has made a long, distinguished mark on the world! I am glad, in however crooked a way, to be connected to the Italian Jewish community.


March 21: #Italian Jewish leader decries bakery’s discrimination against Roma

March 31: #Italian tourist caught smuggling barbed wire from Auschwitz

April 10: *Story of Italian Catholics who hid Jews plays out in Ross Valley

April 25: *Amid Rising Anti-Semitism in Western Europe, Italian Jews Are Staging a Surprising Revival

May 1: #Italian Pentateuch From 1482 Sells For $3.87 Million At Paris Auction

May 8: #Italian priest who saved Jews beatified

May 30: #Italian-Jewish group files complaint against TV show for hosting fascist

July 25: #Germany, France, Italy jointly condemn Gaza-related anti-Semitic acts

August 25: #Italy expelling Moroccan imam who called for killing of Jews

October 29: *Gino Bartali: The man who helped save Italy’s Jews

December 30: *A Jewish Ghetto Worth Saving


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