September 27, 2014

Once Upon a Time season 4 meets “Frozen”!

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Once Upon a Time official season 4, part one poster

OUAT official season 4, part one poster

The fall TV lineup is upon us, and my favorite show of the season returns this week. :D. In perhaps one of the more controversial decisions for the series, the first half of OUAT this year will feature characters from the most recent Disney powerhouse, “Frozen.”

I’ll admit, I’m so behind the times that, at the end of season three when the reveal happened, I just saw a tall, blonde figure with strange, sparkly magic. :p. What’s the big deal there? My friend had to tell me–that’s Elsa! …so that’s what I get for waiting too long to see the movie. Time moves fast around here.

In fact, that’s one of the criticisms I see from some OUAT fans–“Frozen” isn’t a classic fairytale/Disney adaptation; it’s very, very new. Are the producers just trying to bank in on the latest craze?

Well, probably; television is a business, after all. :p. That being said, can “Frozen” genuinely fit into the narrative contours of Once Upon a Time?

Now that I’ve seen the movie, I’ve pretty much been converted. These stories are mirror images! You can basically tell, when (spoiler alert, for the last person in the world who hasn’t seen “Frozen,”) the act of true love means something a bit different than it has classically. There’s a feisty, modern nature to the movie, too, like when Anna wonders, in song, if she’s excited or just gassy, and of course the whole Disney 180 on marrying someone you just met. These are the types of tweaks that the OUAT show runners have been adding to Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, etc, etc, etc, for three years now.

The main impetus of the “Frozen” story, to my mind, is about sisters. We sort of explored that last season with the Wizard of Oz storyline, but frankly, I was underwhelmed. For the most part, Zelena and Regina were just catty enemies and competitors, not all that interesting. The issues between Anna and Elsa–the sudden abandonment but genuine love–make for far richer stuff. Elsa appears to be a far richer “villain,” too, far more in line with Regina and Rumple, who struggle and grow, rather than Zelena, who was far more one-dimensional in her green-with-envy storyline. (Plus, the end of season three will never be my favorite, thanks to the death of Nealfire–the show’s biggest misstep, IMHO).

All of this doesn’t get into the fact of how similar Elsa is to Emma, possessing magic she doesn’t understand (and also an outsider to Storybrooke). And speaking of Storybrooke, I’m not just excited for “Frozen.” What’s happening with our favorite characters? Are Belle and Rumple still in the honeymoon phase, or is the cat out of the bag? Will Regina hold up with regards to Marian’s return from the dead? Will Emma? And how is baby Neal nursing? :p. Hopefully Snow White and Prince Charming aren’t utterly exhausted fairytale parents.

So I hope “Frozen” doesn’t take up too much room on the show (don’t “let it go” too far! :p) but I am very excited to see things unfold. Once Upon a Time airs on ABC, Sundays at 8 pm.


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