January 12, 2014

2013: A Look Back at Jewish Italy

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Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

Depiction of Jewish communities in Italy

Continuing the trend from last year, I’m chronicling the Jewish news from a country where such news is often overlooked—the home of my father’s family, Italy.

Seems like a quieter year than last, particularly without any big skirmishes in Israel acting as fodder for antisemitism abroad.  Instead, we have our usual antisemitism revolving around neo-Nazism, old Jewish slurs about money, and etc.  Particularly distressing is the reveal that a supposed Italian “Schindler” figure may not have been so benevolent after all.

But it’s not all bad news, as members of the community receive accolades, get involved in politics and more.  I’m particularly thrilled about the new Jewish library in Naples (near where my family lives!) and intrigued by the oldest known Torah scroll being found at the University of Bologna.  Oooh yeeah.  Librarians and archivists represent! 😀

I’ve included links to the stories and dates below; please feel free to add anything I may have missed. I think it’s important, on a macro level, to gain insight into Jewish communities that exist outside of Israel and the United States. Our Tribe has made a long, distinguished mark on the world! I am glad, in however crooked a way, to be connected to the Italian Jewish community.

#= brief; *=article
Jan 10: #Italy releases guidelines for dealing with anti-Semitism at soccer matches

Jan 14: #That’s amore: Italians ‘mangia’ for Israel and its soldiers

Jan 16: #Italian soccer players honor Jewish coach killed in Holocaust

Jan 22: #Italy’s Nirenstein challenges far-rightists’ memberships in Parliamentary Assembly

Jan 22: *More than a half-decade on, Italy is still years from opening first Holocaust museum

Jan 27: #Ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi defends some of Mussolini’s policies

Jan 29: #Italy’s Napolitano warns about angers of Holocaust denial

Feb 11: #Italian pop singer to skip song festival for Shabbat

Feb 12: #Italian Jews fighting over Jewish candidate for parliament

Feb 13: #Italian dubstep singer refuses to play on Shabbat

Feb 14: #Naples to open Jewish library

Feb 21: #EJC’s Moshe Kantor awarded Italy’s highest honor for non-citizens

Apr 9: #Stolen Chagall painting found in home of unsuspecting ex-Italian soccer star

May 9: #Head of Rome Jewish community must pay convicted Nazi’s fees

May 29: #Oldest known Torah scroll found in library of Italian university

Jun 17: *Shadows cast on the heroism of ‘Italian Schindler’

Jul 14: #Italian Jewry offers support to black gov’t minister targeted by racism

Sept 16: #Italy proceeds with masterpiece loan to Israel

Nov 14: #Italian rabbi mulling lawsuit over firing

Nov 14: #Italian police launch crackdown on neo-Nazi Internet group Stormfront

Nov 14: *The actor who quit Milan’s Jewish community

Dec 13: *In Italy, a Traditional Jewish Lifestyle is Disappearing

Dec 15: #Italian populist leader slammed for Jews and money slur


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