August 24, 2013

True Blood with Fairy Gods and Vamp Camp

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Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Warlow (Rob Kazinksy) get it on

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Warlow (Rob Kazinksy) get it on

Season six has been an interesting one for Jewish Truebie fans, methinks. Tablet Magazine’s analysis of the “vamp camp” left me a little cold, though. Is it true that there’s some vaguely similar imagery to the Final Solution, particularly the sun room with the showers at Auschwitz? Sure, but we are hardly the only people to have been persecuted and imprisoned in concentration camps. Interpreting this campy metaphor as a dig at Jews makes me more uncomfortable about how we often use the Shoah to define ourselves, rather than anything having to do with the controversial vampire=victim motif on the show.

So render my entire first paragraph as moot, and let’s get into the heart of Jewish fandom matters. :p

When last we left off, Billeth hath ariseneth, and I am more than thrilled that ten long episodes later, all the powers he had amassed of pulling stakes out of his heart, ignoring the “do not enter” rule and walking in the sun are GONE. Hallelujah! I admit, part of me enjoyed Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of self-righteously take-charge, Jessica-centric Bill. But the rest of me hates characters with no weaknesses or flaws–basically who cannot die. It’s why I’m a bit lukewarm on the popular graphic novel industry and characters like Wolverine. I get that they’re supposed to be modern mythology, but no. I’ll stick with Harry Potter, thanks. :p

What does this have to do with Judaism? Just that I feel more pious in asserting that the only Being I want with Supreme Powers of Awesome Invincibleness will not appear on an HBO-campy southern gothic about vampires. :p. Though I’ll give kudos to the show this year for actually killing off a main character and handling the aftermath in a touching (and surprisingly realistic) way.

But undoubtedly the most Jewish part of season six (and probably the show ever) was the introduction of guest star Rob Kazinsky, aka sexy, sexy Warlow. Look, I caved, all right? This show has subsisted for years on women drooling over their favorite shirtless men, and I found my hunk. He’s part of the Tribe, speaks fluent Hebrew (came in handy with that 5,000 years ago scene of ridiculous backstory,) and he has a sultry English accent. You can’t even fault him for being one of those fairy demigods because you knew he’d be a goner by episode ten (though perhaps with a little bit more than a sudden reveal of evilness just in time to serve the plot). I mourn his absence from the show for purely physical reasons. :p. Though in seriousness, I was impressed by Kazinsky’s acting, too, as he juggled two roles of the affable, southern Ben and the brooding, secretive Warlow.

So that about covers it. Am kind of surprised that True Blood was picked up for a seventh season recently. It seems to me like the show is on it’s last legs, though I definitely enjoyed this year more than the two previous. I’ll be back here to chronicle my thoughts of TB7 comes to fruition.


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