June 30, 2011

Italian/Kosher Intersection; Adult Children of Interfaith Marriage Leading Volunteerism!

Posted in Interfaith, Italy at 7:12 pm by chavalah

Yours truly at the Roman Jewish Ghetto last year.

I’m used to getting bombarded by media pitches via email on Jewish subjects, since I write a good deal about Judaism. It’s a rarer occasion for my fellow Italians or their reps to seek me out. 😛

But recently, I got wind of something that combined the two! From July 10-12, the annual Fancy Food Show will be coming to the Washington Convention Center in DC. Featuring a variety of delicacies from 80 countries I was specifically contacted about Italy’s contributions—including a lecture on culinary traditions with Barbara Seelig-Brown, the host of PBS’ Stress Free Cooking, and smaller seminars as well.

The one that particularly caught my attention was “Kosher for Everyone,” being held Monday at the Italian Embassy, 5:30 pm, where expert Bill Marsano will speak about Italian contributions to the U.S. kosher market. More than detailing the customs of Italian Jews, however, the event is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Trade Commission, ergo about international relations between countries and the chance to seize upon a sizable U.S. market. (Kosher ain’t just for the Jews anymore. :P)

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town that weekend, but I wanted to plug this fascinating (and yummy) event! And since the Italian Jewish community isn’t the specific focus of the weekend, I figured I’d add a few cultural links as well…the Internet is chock-full of “kosher Italian” recipes but for something more old school, try one of these variety of cookbooks available on Amazon.com! And for those of us not skilled in the kitchen, perhaps a trip to New York is in order…Va Bene and Tevere restaurants both feature foods from Jewish Rome. I’m salivating! 😛

Kosher-style ethnic food options are cropping up everywhere as well; close to home for me is Siena’s Restaurant of Italian and Mexican foods. Search on Google for your local area (or local cosmopolitan city, at least :P) and I imagine you’ll find a few!

In completely unrelated news, just wanted to garner attention to this study, as highlighted by InterfaithFamily.com; turns out in a recent review of volunteerism trends among Jewish young adults, those of us from dual-heritage families are leading the pack! :-O Mazel tov to my fellow mixies! Certainly gives me the urge to find a new mitzvah project.


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