May 20, 2010

A final note before I leave for Italia…

Posted in Italy at 6:13 am by chavalah

…my father found these free walking tours to upload to iPod that give us a little bit of knowledge without the cost of multiple tour guides. We’ll be stopping at a few places, but of course, the one of most interest to me is the Jewish Ghetto. Dad says this guy is really good and thorough, but I haven’t listened to his stuff yet. I kinda want it to be new and fresh for when I get there, but the point is, now you can know what I know! 😛 And if you want to be really stalkerish—we think we’ll be touring the ghetto on Sunday, May 30.

Also, courtesy of IFF– check out this quirky Star Wars comic, which casts Luke and Vader in the standard, Jewish struggle over intermarriage. I love the creativity (not to mention the geekery), but I do get tired of the whole “Jews are elitists” argument. Talk about an oversimplification of a difficult issue. Is it somehow offensive that we should want our children to grow up feeling connected to the heritage we share? Especially taking into account that Judaism is one of the smallest and most dwindling of religions? There is a difference between being accepting of pluralism and being apathetic about your own ancestry and religious/cultural ties, imho.

Anywho. See you June 1st!


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