April 30, 2010

A Panel for the Adult Children of Intermarriage??

Posted in Interfaith, Judaism at 9:11 pm by chavalah

Gather round, fellow mixies! Someone answered my plea from March! Of course, I forgot to specify that said event should take place in the Washington, DC area.

Out west in the Bay Area, San Francisco, the local Birthright Israel NEXT chapter is convening for Jews of All Hues, a conversation for adult children of interfaith marriages. The day-long workshop takes place in exactly one month, on May 30.

From the website:

Our goal in this workshop is to understand our own and each other’s experiences more fully. Ultimately, we hope to bring our voices to the table to inform the conversation on interfaith marriage, outreach and creating a more inclusive Jewish community.

I think that’s pretty spiffy. After all, there’s no one who understands the impact of interfaith marriages, both on the Jewish community and within families, than us. More than that, however, I’m thrilled at the opportunity for interfaith heritage adults to stand up and be counted.

For too long, the conversation about intermarriage has only extended to the parents, the wedding and the type of home they provide for the kids. But these kids grow up, and as adults, must continue to grapple with their identities and their places in the Jewish world. So if anyone could FedEx me a plane ticket to California next month, I’d be most grateful. 😛

Seriously, I’ll definitely keep tabs on this event! Maybe it’s time to consider suggesting something similar for the DC Birthright Israel NEXT chapter.

In random news: Kudos to InterfaithFamily for tipping my hat to this Chicago Tribune editorial—while the ugly Reyes case is an example of Jewish/Catholic interfaith marriage gone wrong, Catholic wife Alexa Aguilar writes from a different perspective.



  1. Jared Jackson said,

    Hello Chavalah,

    Thank you so much for the post! We really appreciate the support. Please be in contact as we are currently building our website, and are in the planning stages for future gatherings in Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore and New York. I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    Jared Jackson
    Jews in ALL Hues

  2. Hi Chava,

    Thanks for your post!

    I, too, had hear about Jews in ALL Hues and wanted to be able to experience one of their gatherings. I was soon lucky enough to discover that they were having one near to me, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I attended it, brought friends, found it meaningful, and was impressed by how well thought-out the format for the day was. I invite you to read more about my experience here: http://www.fiftypercenters.com/2010/06/jews-in-all-hues.html

    Bridget Wynne
    Executive Director
    Jewish Gateways

  3. […] had wanted to take part in a Jews in All Hues event since I first blogged about them last April, and now finally, here was my chance. This Shabbat experience was made all the more meaningful for […]

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