March 15, 2010

Italia Trip 2010!

Posted in Italy at 6:44 pm by chavalah

The sacking of Jerusalem as depicted on the Arch of Titus, the event that birthed the Roman Jewish community

That’s right, after almost ten years, I am finally going back to Italy! And this time, for the first time, I will be visiting my step-family. 😀

I’ll be abroad from May 20-June 1, and taking into account travel time, that gives me five days in Monticelli with my grandfather’s family, then five days in Rome before we fly back. I’m traveling with my immediate fam, Mom, Dad, sister, just like 2001 (except rather than carting Edith Wharton novels for an impending term paper, I’ll be willingly bringing something from my GoodReads queue. :P)

From the offset, long before he finally emailed our cousins and secured plane tickets, my dad has been tempting me with the promise of visiting the Jewish community in Rome. He found this Roman Jewish guide who gives several tours, and is encouraging me to narrow down exactly what I want to do. I figured…if a blog post couldn’t make me do that, what could? 😛

The truth is, I’m having trouble narrowing down. I want to do everything. Of particular interest to me are visiting the Jewish Ghetto and the Museo Ebraico/Great Synagogue of Rome. My inner should-have-been-an-archeology-major really wants to see The Ostia Synagogue as well, but that’s outside of Rome. I also want to see the Hebrew Lapidary plus any nuggets of Judaism within the Vatican or ancient Roman sites (and you know there are lots; we Jews were a celebrated conquest. :P)

My family does not want to spend the entire five days on Jewish tours (whereas I could easily spend the whole vacation here.) So I suppose I should list the Jewish Ghetto tour as my must do, and be done with it. In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for future entries on the specifics of Roman Jewish history. I don’t want to be one of those tourists who just gawks at everything they see (though that’ll probably happen regardless. :P)

What would you want to see if you were in Rome?



  1. Vicki said,

    So, this is really, really exciting! Buon viaggio!

    • chavalah said,

      Grazie, Vicki!

      I’ve been enjoying reading about your upcoming trip to India! I hope to go myself some day.

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